Friday, September 3, 2010

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There is a fashion now a kind of "bra" look, as intentional showed bra. In the bra was shot as part of clothing. This can be done in some look to wear a bra with a jacket, it can happen if too dress to wear in the bra and dress "open" to reveal a bra under it. So drapy outfit bra bra, when shows and almost deliberately revealed it also a certain form, so that the bra clothing. And this kind of look can be elegant, but it is too clubbish. Dresses can be developed, which also kind of bra is part of the overall clothing. For this purpose, is creating some sort of view, one silhouette, in which the "bra opinion is clear.

Bra can be fully seen, but can not be good if the bra only hinted at a bar, for example. Or, perhaps, some of bra showing, and it intentionally, of course. The appearance of bra can inspire some expressive club looks like. As already mentioned, the dress may be, for example, if a bra sewn into / connected with the rest of the dress, then dress like a bra has been created. This type of design is already there, but it can be clearer, more subtle.

Then there is a jacket to wear bras, skirts, jeans, pants high. Maybe you can wear a different jacket Bolero, then some pants. The aim of the project is to create an expressive eye and, of course, is an expressive glance there is nothing new, and possibly of at least 60 years old when the bra is clearly part of fashion. (For example, the hippie look could use a bra) So bra became outerwear, and then look at the bra can be made dresses and other projects, says as follows.

In going from a bra "support" are clothes. He has always been part of linen and has a specific type of club, which includes underwear bra looks as outerwear is not entirely new. It's just that look "bra" to get some of the complexity and "bra" may affect other types of looks.
There must be a "full" type. In the bra in combination, for example, a jacket and pencil skirt. One can not be too dresses, bras, if there are to join the bra in a dress. The use of eye color and contrast to create sophisticated club feel expressive.

The aim is to create a silhouette, sleek silhouette. In countries with high sex bra / pants close to the appearance, when the upper type to wear a corset with jeans / skirt / trousers.

The club seems to be clear, it can be difficult, he clearly and sexual kind of bra "may be a natural part of this kind. Drapy sexy dresses club deliberately open to capture a bra or a bra will not be seen. The goal is to have a natural look . One can see that one is a "natural" wear bra with jackets / trousers. It is normal that the bra in conjunction with the network coverage or cover the top of the stomach to the throat. Thus, the "kings", as it should be created. The aim of the project is the creation of a hippie, the club is looking for because the "natural" for those who watch. Over night in clubs, festivals, things can go.

In the bra form shown in a corset, and many projects BYUSTIE dress. Form is nothing new, that is, cup shape, but the appearance of bra something else, this is clear, sharper appearance. It is normal to get myself in a fashion bra, to bring it lasted longer, but it is difficult and, thus, the bra should be calculated on top, and it certainly did, as you can see that lingerie seemed kind of club.

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